We are proud to present our exclusive line of hand poured custom candles. 

How does a custom candle work, you ask?  First, you choose from a wide variety of scents, then choose the color of the glass container from the available colors*, and finally, for an additional charge, we can laser etch your name, monogram, or image of your choice onto the glass.  Voila!  A custom candle!

Our Signature candles come in a 3" glass cube, and should burn for approximately 75 hours.  If you have something larger or different in mind, contact us.  We can make it happen.

About the Candles…

Our candles are more than some random wax in a pretty glass container.  We have partnered with the expert local chandlers at the Legendary Candle Company, to offer some of the finest, healthiest, and cleanest burning additive free candles available on the market.  The chandlers at Legendary Candle have been pouring candles since 1989. 

The candles contain:

And that is all, nothing else.  As a result, our candles burn extremely clean, smell exactly like the fragrance you purchased every time it is lit, and do not release “aromatic compounds” like benzene and toluene.

*The color of available glass containers is due to the color of the wax.