Kamaleon Batons

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The Kamaleon Baton consists of the impeccably balanced Osamu steel shaft from Japan capped with the highly durable and anti-rolling Italian manufactured Kamaleon ball & tip set in your choice of 12 amazing colors.  Our first set of shafts will soon be arriving from Japan, so pre-order now for your chance to be among the first to twirl one of these amazing precision batons. 

To transform your baton to a one of a kind, we offer laser engraving we call Tattooed Batons™.  To "tattoo" your baton, let us know what you would like engraved and pick your font from our font list here.  Include your font choice and text in the Notes/Instruction box above, and we'll get it on the laser especially for you.  If you have a small, simple graphic you would like to add, contact us directly, and we'll see if we can include it for you!

Did you know the "modern baton" was patented in 1965?  While at the time, it was an amazing innovation which propelled the sport of baton twirling, very little about the baton you're twirling today has changed from the baton your Grandma twirled!  Are you also wearing Grandma's twirling costumes?  Can you imagine using the same type of phone your Grandma used, or the same type of computer used in 1965?  Of course not!  Almost everything we use today is in some way tailored or personalized to our own preference, so why not your twirling baton?  Pick your favorite color, team color, or school color, or match your costumes!  Make your Kamaleon Baton an extension of you!

If you would just like to order baton tips, please check here for available colors.